Thursday, 3 April 2014


Founded in 2013 by Alex Gram, the company has become one of the first associations of professional traders dealing with IT stocks which nowadays is one of the most effective types of trading. Each one of our team members has been mastering Forex market for many years, holding senior posts in European and North American trading companies, examining world class exchange markets, and has a vast experience in the field as a result. This experience led our experts to conclude that perfect companies, able to meet the requirements of each client to the fullest, do not exist. That gave us an idea to bring all our experience together in a new company, the format of which will finally let us see how does Forex and trading markets work and how to make money in trading shares without having an experience and years of practice. How can the Gram Stock experts be of use for you and our services be beneficial? We offer you: - versatile investment programs to earn money; - convenient and remunerative conditions for cooperation and team building; - a possibility to collect revenue without “full immersion” in complex and confusing world of Forex and trading; - tailored deposit plans for each active investor; - free training of basics in market trading for better understanding of our capacity and future development of a company. Putting it simply: we are a team of professional traders who are ready to trade in the market for you! You do not need to waste years on studying trading. All you do is invest the funds and we do the rest. We collect revenue and pay you the interest on your deposits. High interest. We do not promise incredible amounts of money, neither do we tell the tall tales about earning millions a month - we simply provide the possibility of generating a guaranteed steady income from the real source, the amount of which will depend on the size of your deposit. Our interest rates are aimed primarily at the dynamics of investment and stability. Offering high daily interest we gain potential investors’ interest while short term deposit rates create great setting for company’s stable growth. Possessing professional tools for development and team building our investors can learn, be active and yield high profits without spending hundreds of hours on trainings and keeping their funds secured from losses and risks.


United HYIP League is real legit company. It is registered in England with the following address: 1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, Finchley, London, N12 0DR, ENGLAND. Company registration number: 08826560 To be sure about the registration and listing of the United HYIP League company, please follow the link: Companieshouse.Gov.Uk In the appeared window enter the name of the company (United HYIP League) or its registration number (08826560) and click search. UHL company provides 24-hour support and protection of the site. You can be sure in the identification of our site, and that all transactions are carried out securely. Just look at the yellow sign in the Navigation Bar of your browser. Trust Wave Validation Certificate is a professional solution in the identification of sites and we have this certificate for 2 years. Please pay attention to the address line of your browser to improve your personal safety.


Dear HYIP investors,
welcome to HYIP EUROPE blog. The purpose of this blog is to suggest to investors some of the best HYIP sites of the moment.
We are a team of old investors in this industry, and now we wanna help all the readers to choose pickly their hyip, remember: we dont work for hyip admins but for the investors.
If we will find some alert of scam we will advise every of our members or it will be published on this blog.
This is just the begin.
Stay tuned :)